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Terms and Conditions

User rights

  • Require compliance with the safety standards relating to vehicle and driver service.
  • Enforce the route, schedule and rates.
  • Transport up to 15Kg of luggage for free, receiving the correspondent luggage guide.
  • Make your claims to the company through the free telephone line shown in the company vehicles.
  • Make your claims to the CNRT(National Transport Regulation Entity) through free 0800-333-0300 phone line or Special Post Office PO No. 129 (C1000WAB)

Passes, Franchise & Special Fees

  • Blind people can travel in public transport vehicles of short, medium and long distance, under comptroller of national authority, accompanied by one (1) guide dog, prior authorization extent by the Transport Department of the Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services' Ministry. The animal is allowed to travel as a guide dog muzzled and shall be located in such a way that it does not affect the comfort and movement of the remaining users. The blind person will be responsible for all damages the animal may cause.

Services Categories

The user must know the comodities of each category to control that the hired service is in fact the one written on the ticket, and finally, the one that the company is giving.

Tickets' Return

If the company cancels the trip, it will return the total amount of the ticket.

If the user rejects the trip, a proportion of the fee is recognized for a future trip, according to the anticipation of the ticket return:

  • From the previous 24 hours and up to the time of departure: 70%
  • From the previous 48 hours and up to 24 hours previous to the time of departure: 80%
  • More than 48 hours: 90%

Credit / debit card policy

If you cancel a ticket paid by credit card or debit card , the balance will not be refunded . the amount in favor , with 12 months of validity- can be used for an upcoming trip paying the corresponding difference .


When returning the balance in favor of a passage paid in cash is requested, the ticket must be submitted online payment boxes , without exception.


  • It is allowed to carry up to 15 kilos for free.
  • With your tickets you will receive the corresponding stickers or dies, to identify your luggage.
  • The dies will have a number different to the one of your ticket.
  • The stickers will be attached to each package by our staff.
  • The package value can be declred before the trip, agreeing about it between the parties.

Loss or damage

  • You must submit the claim within 24 hours of making the trip.
  • The company is obliged to deliver a proof of receipt of such claim or enter it in the baggage check.
  • It is considered to have lost luggage not returned within 5 days of filing the claim. In this case the company is obliged to pay compensation.


  • The changes of addresses , will be taken only up to 24 hs.antes the beginning of each service, without exception.
  • It is recalled that Lucenza is not responsible for late , temporary disability or breach of contract caused by circumstances that exceeds our logistics , they are roadblocks , streets demonstrations, unexpected delays by traffic, weather conditions , etc ; in case it is impossible to reach the destination address of the passenger , the company will complete the journey at the nearest point to the destination passable .
  • After finishing the trip, remember not to deliver the control die until you have received your luggage.
  • Upon receiving your baggage, remember to check its integrity. If you notice that it has been violated or deteriorated, make the claim immediately.

Consolidated services

In case that the company, for any reason, decided to consolidate two or more services in one:

  • The service departure can take up to an hour if the trip does not exceed 700 kilometers and up to two hours if it exceeds 700 kilometers.
  • The company should provide a service of equal or higher category than the one reserved.

User Obligations

  • Check the accuracy of the data contained on the ticket at the time of acquisition.
  • Make the complaint in case of loss or damage to luggage to the company within 24 hours of completion of the trip.
  • Pay the excess baggage in return for which the company must extend the voucher.
  • Respect the smoking ban.
  • Respect the prohibition of transfer of Animals and Food (meat, chicken, fish, etc ) .
  • Keep the ticket for the whole trip.

Company Obligations


Include the following data in the ticket:

  • Passenger Name and Surname;
  • Nacionality;
  • ID Type and Number;
  • Service Category;
  • Origin and Destination of the trip;
  • Ticket date;
  • Name of the Company;
  • Place, Time and Date of Origin;
  • Place, Date and Estimate Time of Arrival;
  • Fee;
  • Tax Identification Number of the Company (CUIT)

The ticket must contain a script with the following text: “This ticket entitles the free transportation of up to fifteen (15) kilograms”.


  • Receive from the user the luggage, giving the corresponding identification to transport up to 15 kilograms for free.
  • In case of enabling the optative hiring of additional luggage insurance, give the ticket of that transaction.


  • Show externally on the vehicles, the identifying service category.
  • Provide the service in vehicles enabled by the National Transport Regulatory Commission (CNRT) with the corresponding compulsory technical inspection every 6 months.
  • Provide the service with enabled drivers carrying their valid national license. The acquisition of that license implies the approval of specific exams in order to assess the medical fitness of the driver.
  • Enforce the reglamentary rest of the drivers.
  • Observe the permitted level of greenhouse gas emissions and/or noise.
  • Provide the vehicles with: First Aid Box, Mechanical Rescue Equipment and Tachograph (Recording Operations Device).
  • Set the starting point of services originating in the city of Buenos Aires in ETOR
  • Receive complaints from the user via a freephone helpline which number must be displayed on the exterior and interior of the vehicles.
  • Respond in writing the user claims within thirty days of receipt.

Driver Obligations

  • Treat the passengers respectfully and considerately.
  • Drive wisely, respecting the traffic rules and speed limit.
  • Comply and enforce the rules related to the disabled people, and smoking ban.
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